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India's Major Exporting Crop: Rice

Rice is India's major exporting crop, contributing over 19% of the total agricultural exports during the year 2021-22. India consistently ranks as the world's largest exporter of rice since the beginning of the current decade.

Export Destinations:

India exports rice to various countries across the globe, with the major destinations being:

African countries: Senegal, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Guinea, Benin, Nigeria, Congo, and Togo.

Middle Eastern countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Oman.

Southeast Asian countries: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Other significant importers: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Cuba, and the EU.

India exports both basmati and non-basmati rice varieties.

The government of India has played a significant role in promoting rice exports through various initiatives like relaxation of export restrictions and providing subsidies.

Rice exports contribute significantly to India's agricultural income and foreign exchange earnings. Information and Images Source's:

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