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Get to Know Us

Incorporated in the year 2015, Iris Hybrid Seeds Private Limited is a prime wholesale trader of OP & Hybrid vegetable seeds with its company headquartered in Model  Town, New Delhi. With an illustrious journey of over 9 years now, our company has been setting benchmarks of quality and innovation in the seed industry and is actively engaged in import, export, marketing, processing, and trade.

At Iris Hybrid Seeds, it has been our constant endeavor to build meaningful relationships with our clientele and to stand true to our commitment of delivering the highest quality of products and services.  

With our top-notch quality, stringent standards, and set processes right from conducting trials, screening and development to the final product, we ensure a flawless journey.  This has only enabled us to capture a colossal customer base in the market and further paved a way for the progression and growth of the company. Well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Iris Hybrid Seeds is involved in extensive seed trailing and processing through its very own trailing station and seed processing plant. The company has been witnessing an increasing demand of its unmatched products not only within India but also giving us a competitive edge in key International markets  and making us one of the preferred choices in the sector.  

Furthermore, functioning in the export market gave us a deeper understanding of the diverse customer demands and we ventured into importing of International varieties best suited to cater to our customers’ requirements. Our unalloyed dedication, heart and soul goes into developing world-class products. The company’s vision is aligned towards offering consistency, excellence in quality and an impeccable delivery of our services to further facilitate the growth of farmers in totality and enhance the overall profitability.



Our mission is to reach every corner of the world by delivering excellent products to further promote efficiency & effectiveness. It will also help farmers maximize their gains as growers and further elevate their standard of living.

Our vision as a company is to be at the forefront of innovation and technology to provide life changing and environmentally sustainable farming solutions. It will further pave path to enhance people’s quality of life. 

Message from the Management

Karan Gogia

" At Iris Hybrid Seeds, our commitment is unwavering: dedicating our time and research to identify new crop varieties that triumph over climate challenges, ensuring optimal production for farmers, and combating emerging diseases. We stand as champions for resilience and sustainable agriculture, embodying a steadfast pledge to empower farmers with the best possible outcomes. "

Vanshdeep Chhabra

"We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering superior products tailored to meet their specific needs. With a focus on integrity and excellence, we aim to be the preferred choice for all seed requirements. Together, let's cultivate a greener, healthier future through our passion for superior hybrid vegetable seeds."

Core Values / OUR STRENGTH


Field Trial 

Field trials play a crucial role at our company, enables us to assess and promote new varieties or hybrids with improved traits. By conducting rigorous testing in real-world conditions, we are able to provide farmers with reliable recommendations and contribute to the development of more productive and resilient agricultural systems.


Selection & Evaluation 

With selection and evaluation steps, we at Iris Hybrid Seeds ensure that the seeds we offer to farmers are of high quality, meet regulatory standards, and have the desired characteristics for successful crop production.


Replication & Testing 

It helps validate the performance of seeds under different conditions and ensure that the observed effects are not due to chance or variability. By following robust replication and testing protocols, we at Iris Hybrid Seeds can provide reliable recommendations to farmers and facilitate the selection of seeds that are likely to perform well in specific environments or target markets.


Seed Production / Import 

Seed production and import processes are crucial for ensuring a diverse and reliable supply of high-quality seeds that contribute to sustainable and productive agriculture. By adhering to stringent quality control measures, seed producers and importers help farmers access seeds that possess desirable traits, are adapted to specific environments

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